Just because everyone’s doing it, doesn’t mean it’s easy. That goes for lifestyle blogs too. Since the online generation started, the rise of online communities was inevitable. Blogs started as small, niche communities that people did for fun, but it has now become an influential force in shaping brands and consumer buying behavior. That’s why successful lifestyle bloggers are able to live off of working solely on their site. There are a lot of brands that would kill for an endorsement from a lifestyle blogger with thousands, much more – millions, of subscribers.

If you see yourself as one these successful bloggers, but you don’t know where to start, here are some steps to follow to help you get there.



Decide on a theme

There are different kinds of lifestyle blogs. Some are more personal, talking about your daily life and how you get through the routines that come with it. Others focus on dishing out advice, like how to dress, how to lose weight or how to pack light. Deciding on your theme will direct you to the kind of posts you will upload for as long as you have this blog, so make sure this something you can keep up with, and you’re comfortable sharing.

It’s important to note that you don’t have an obligation to share every part of your life unless that’s what you want to do. You can be as candid or as private as you want to be. Anyway, the theme also has to with the delivery, how you write the content. As a lifestyle blogger, you can also choose to discuss as many topics, from eating healthy and working out to traveling the world and being a stay-at-home mom or be as streamlined as you please. Just make sure that something ties them all together. It has to be cohesive to really be memorable.



Choose Your Blog Name

Picking a theme first is important because your name should reflect your content. This will play important in branding your site, and generating interest and recall among those who stumble upon your blog. Remember that people typically look up sites that sound like they will have what they’re looking for, so if your focus is travel, pick a name that reminds you and your audience of travel.



Pick a Platform to Use

Now that the fundamentals are sorted, you need to start dealing with the logistics of the site itself. There are a lot of platforms available to you. Most of them are easy to use, and have tutorial options. What’s most important here is choosing one that you’re comfortable with and one where your content is best presented. Some of the platforms you can use are WordPress and Blogger. Most lifestyle bloggers use the latter because of the broad elbow room it leaves you in terms of design.


Once your blog is finally set up, you are now free to design it however you please. Make sure that it fits with your theme, and it’s palatable to your target readers.